Z - change direction or pull crate

X - use weapon

Published Sep 27, 2016
AuthorJason Payne
Made withPICO-8
TagsHorror, PICO-8, pizza, Top Down Adventure


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i think your collision code might be messed up, i'm walkin inside walls

can you take a screenshot and describe at what point it happens?

seems to happen when you get the pizza crate, moving to this screen with it allows you to walk inside certain walls

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Thanks for the screenshot! 

geez. Yeah,  i had patched something similar before. I wonder why it's doing it again now.  When it did it before it was caused by the user pressing buttons during the automated walking sequence (exiting the building.) I can't seem to replicate now tho. Are you hitting arrow keys? I might just have to take out the sequence altogether and have the character just appear on the spot.

Pretty funny.